Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Review: Fantastic Picture Book with Giveaway!!!

Photo courtesy of Airigami
Title: And He Puffed
An inflated story of the Three Little Pigs

Authors : Larry Moss & Kelly Cheatle

Publisher: Limited Kickstarter Edition

Year Published: 2013
Description (from back cover): Squeal with delight at a classic tale! Artists Larry Moss & Kelly Cheatle breathe new life into the story of the Three Little Pigs with their unique balloon illustrations. Follow the pigs as they work together to learn the merits of a job well done.

First, I need to come clean. I am a recovering balloon artist. It isn't like I need to attend meetings or anything but there are days where  I miss creating amazing things out of a piece of latex. Sound crazy? Yep. I've been called that before. No biggie. ANYWAY... almost two years ago, Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle created the Once Upon a Time Kickstarter Project. I happily became one of their sponsors. Take a visit to their site to witness what motivated me at the time. 

Great news! The project was fully funded and just this month, I received my two copies of their  limited Kickstarter edition book, "And He Puffed." The artistry in the illustrations (do I call them that?) are mind-blowing. My favorite detail is the varied expressions of the pigs throughout the story. The mix of balloons and computer graphic backgrounds make a perfect combination. 

We all know the story, so there are no major surprises there. However, this story leaves out the chimney descent and rids the pigs of the wolf in a more fitting manner. The text works very well with narration and rhyming dialogue from the characters. 

Below is our favorite page (excuse my poor camera quality). 

Actually, my daughter picked these pages out right away as her favorites. I was surprised at first, but then noting the details in this page, I understood. The little houses are teeny tiny balloons inflated with just enough air to pump them up a tad. Beautiful work. 

A few of my daughter's friends were over this week and all were drawn to the book just by seeing the cover. 

This fun and beautiful picture book easily gets 5 stars out of 5 balloontastic stars from me and I am thrilled to have a copy to give away to one lucky reader. (See below)

Read? Yes.

Ages? All ages.

Where to Purchase the Book: This is the unfortunate part. You cannot purchase this book as of right now. The authors are in talks with publishers and until a deal is worked out, the only copies of this book are the 100 limited edition Kickstarter copies that were made. The super cool news is that yours truly has TWO of these limited edition copies and I'm giving one of them away right here. This is a signed copy of And He Puffed and is open to US and Canadian residents. Yay!!!  Join the rafflecopter giveaway below to participate. 

Notes: Be sure to visit their website to see the amazing projects they have led and to read about where else you may have seen their work. How many people are able to boast about appearing at the White House, doing a Tedx talk and being a Guinness World Record holder? Mr. Moss can. 

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Official Disclosure: I received these Limited Kickstarter Edition copes of And He Puffed from backing the Once Upon a Time project.  I received no monetary or in-kind compensation for my honest review.

The Reviewer: Hi! I am a homeschooling mother to one precocious tween daughter. Most of my reading consists of preparatory reading for upcoming history, math, science, geography, literature, (you get the idea) lessons. However, sometimes I am lucky enough to fit in a book just for fun and will review these "fun" books for my dear friends, Stanley and Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge. You may call me Neighbor Girl's Mom or Cool Mom. 

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  1. Oh the agony of living in Australia, lol, I cannot enter this giveaway. Never mind. I can't tell you how balloon obsessed Gigi is at the moment and in my younger days we used to make balloon animals for our sunday school program. I have to have this book, please tell us when it is published. Cheers Julie Grasso

    1. :) I will definitely post when it is published - come on publishers, get a move on. Make them a GREAT offer!!!! Or you can follow them online at the links above and you'll be in the "first to know." All of their posts are super cool. We may try to visit their upcoming dinosaur installation in Virginia.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. That looks amazing! Last year we saw a couple of balloon artists doing this amazing show at a local library. They had us all making creatures and the kids and I were hooked! Thanks for sharing with the Kid Lit Blog hop!

    1. Balloon shows are the best! Thanks for stopping by, Piwi Mama. Have a GREAT day!

  3. Saw it at twist and shout 2013 an amazing piece of work

  4. The balloon animals I've seen have been pretty simple but I am always amazed at the "artist" that makes them. I can hardly blow up a decent balloon! thanks or participating in Kid Lit Blog hop. I usually have some books in the pile, too!

    What I like about your blog? It flows nicely and doesn't seem to lock up or jerk. also, love your alliteration: perpectual, pack, pets (pet paws), etc.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Vera and for your kind comments!
      Always nice to connect with new blogging friends.


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