Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday? Our Home Becomes the Land of Boxes.

Wordless Wednesday? Our owners thought it would be fun to move. I prefer empty boxes to these filled ones. Stanley seems happy either way even when his dog house is treated like this. 

Comments. On another note, our intenseblogger comments did not work on our last post and just when we were really getting to like them. If they don't work on this post, I guess Popcorn may need to find another solution for us. Let's see what happens for this post. 

New Cover. We are still on track to have our new cover and illustrations released by the end of this month and it is crazy exciting for us. The artist posted one of our illustrations on her blog, check it out here. Make her day and leave a comment when you stop by. Feedback on our special sneak peek of book 2, that will be included with this new cover, has been fantastic. Thank you to our wonderful editor friends!

Fun Writing. Neighbor Girl thought it would be fun, yesterday, to participate in Susanna Hill's Short and Sweet Assignment. View her entry and all of the creative writing samples here. Susanna explains the incorrect year in the image below as well. 
Well, this post isn't exactly wordless, but then, I have trouble with that as it is. 

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