Friday, October 11, 2013

Rick Riordan, Fairless Hills Visit on the House of Hades Tour: Evening Recap

Before Mr. Riordan's visit/presentation: 

We met up with our friends for pizza. It isn't every day when two young authors AND their characters get to hang out together. As you can see, Stanley and I were successful in joining the outing.

From left to right we have: Pea, Lily, Stanley, Josie, me, (Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge), Tomato, Neighbor Girl and Erik.

Erik was kind enough to sign our copy of The Adventures of Tomato and Pea - wait a minute, who is that on his shoulder? 

Neighbor Girl signed our book, The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets, while Stanley and I made sure she did a nice job - thank you for keeping us company, Josie!

Before Mr. Riordan's visit/presentation: 

The kids were just a little excited about seeing Mr. Riordan. 

To the right, is a picture of them writing down their questions for their favorite author. Josie's question was actually one of the few questions that he answered onstage. We'll jump ahead for a minute and let you know how that turned out... 
Why does Percy have a cyclops brother? 

Cyclopes are all sons of Poseidon. Since Percy is also a son of Poseidon, Tyson decides to love his brother. 
Note: The answer isn't the same unless you witness Mr. Riordan imitating Tyson while saying, "Brother!" 

Neighbor Girl's question (unanswered): What would happen if Annabeth saw 
Percy Jackson  and the Lightening Thief in a bookstore? 

We decided to play around with the camera while we were waiting.
It is him! It is him!
 Paw-tastic! There he is!!!!! Cool Mom asked that I please apologize for the quality of pictures. A highly portable camera with no flash does the best it can. At least that is what she tells me.  
Mr. Riordan was amusing throughout his presentation.   He shared with us fun pictures from his life and explained that his Annabeth, Becky, helped him get through school (awwwww). For answers to many questions that he is asked over and over again, please visit his FAQ page and for his personal advice for writers, click here.

When I asked Neighbor Girl what her favorite part of his presentation was, she couldn't pick one thing. She said that she loved it all. Well, her exact words were, "It was too good to decide what the best part was." 

Stanley and I agreed (can you believe that?) that the pictures of the foreign book covers were amusing...Germany had some rough ones...this was one of our favorites. 

We give Mr. Riordan four paws up for his presentation. It was fantastic. 

Look at this! We are squeezing in for a picture WITH Mr. Rick Riordan! 

Signed books for all.
We snagged the picture below from Erik's post about the evening, as his picture was so much better than the ones we got.

Now it is time to finish reading House of Hades. Have a wonderful weekend.

Oh, wait, Cool Mom wanted me to also give a quick shout out to Bari Jo Davis, of Barnes & Noble, Fairless Hills for her wonderful organization of the event. Thank you for bringing Mr. Riordan to the area.

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