Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rick Riordan speaks tonight and we are going to see him!

House of Hades, by Rick Riordan came out two days ago.

Neighbor girl and her friends are heading out to see Mr. Riordan on tour, this evening. Since Cool Mom knows how much Neighbor Girl adores this man's writing, she picked up an extra copy so her daughter could start reading right away (she'll get a signed copy at the end of the event). 

Seem strange? Maybe... but around here, authors are what excites us, not pop stars. One Direction? Justin who? No, no, no, talk to us about Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, Trenton Lee Stewart, Peggy Rathmann, Sandra Boynton, Peter H. Reynolds, and we now have something to talk about! 

Cool Mom said that Stanley and I may join them and we are excited about that! 

Read all about our evening by clicking here.

We'll be blogging about this fun day at a later time. It is epic because not only will we be hearing Mr. Riordan speak but we'll be attending this event with no other than Super Reader, Erik and his family. We have requested an appearance by Tomato and that we may rub it in  tell Zorg that we have met aliens. This may backfire on me as he may annoy question me for all of eternity.

On a fun note, we would like to share exactly why Mr. Riordan is such a paw-riffic writer. 

This is his dedication in his newly released book:

Have a great day!

Thank you for reading and sharing,

Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge (and Stanley)