Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free Printable Workbook for The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets

This is our final post before Christmas. We want to take a moment to remind you about the #MGBOOKELVES giveaway going on, as well as a brand new AWESOME printable workbook, now available for our book - scroll down for details on the workbook. 

The paw-tastic #MGBookElves Giveaway has been a ton of fun for us!

Cool Mom Shares with The Ninja Librarian.

====== WORKBOOK =====

We now have an entire workbook of activities to go along with our book! 

All of the available printables for our book, The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets, are in one document to download! Did you know our book is in the top 15 of BEST RATED Kindle Animal>Pet books? It is! 

The Workbook Includes*:

Dog Facts
Cat Facts
Epistolary Book Description
Letter Writing Template
Comprehension Cootie Catcher 
Vocabulary Words
A Crossword Puzzle
A Coloring Page
Stanley & Katrina pictures to create puppets, or to color. 
*Additional printables will be added to the book as they become available. 

Stanley, Neighbor Girl, Cool Mom & I  wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and your family. 

As always, thank you for reading and sharing!