Friday, June 21, 2013

Kid Lit Blog Hop: Picture Book Review, I Love to Cuddle

Book Title: I Love to Cuddle
Author: Carl Norac
Illustrator: Claude K. Dubois
Publisher: Scholastic
First Scholastic Printing: January 2002
Fiction, Picture Book
Intended Audience Age: Ages 2-6

Synopsis(from Scholastic): Little Lola gets bored and lonely when the babysitter is busy-she needs to cuddle! Lola gathers everything soft and builds her own cuddle island. Once her parents are home, she must clean up her mess, but she finds the best place for cuddling is between two loving parents!

My thoughts:  Both Neighbor Girl and I enjoy this book. Lola, the hamster, is unbelievably adorable. When all alone, she makes a decision to search for "soft things" and creates her own cuddle island. This is her creative solution on how to combat the loneliness she feels while her parents are out. She creates an absolute mess in the house.

I'll be honest, as a parent, the thing I don't like in this book is that Lola looks entirely too young to be alone in the house by herself for such a long time (apparently her babysitter is outside in the garden but we never see her). That being said, we have read this book since my daughter was very young and the illustrations are so darn cute, I look past the annoyance now and she is a hamster so suspending reality is fine. 

Having a hamster in our home, we appreciate the amazing job that Claude K. Dubois did with her drawings. The illustration of Lola's parents coming home to find Lola in her cuddle island is absolutely perfect - she isn't easily found in the pile of "softness." 

Upon their arrival, Lola's parents, proceed to make her clean up the mess she created but after some time join in to help. 

The book is cute, cute, cute. Which is why we love it so much. We continue to keep it in our bedtime book rotation. 

5 out of 5 stars for I Love to Cuddle.

Disclosure: I own a copy of I Love to Cuddle. I received no monetary or in-kind compensation for my honest review.

The Reviewer: Hi! I am a homeschooling mother to one precocious tween daughter. Sometimes I am lucky enough to fit in a book to read just for fun and will review these "fun" books for my dear friends, Stanley and Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge. Oh, yes, I'm also their tech support and social media manager. You may call me Neighbor Girl's Mom or Cool Mom. 

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Honk Jr. Performances this Weekend in Honeybrook, PA


We are so proud of Neighbor Girl! She is a duckling in Vagabond Acting Troupe's run of Honk Jr., this weekend. Not only that, a couple of her talented friends are also in the show with her. You may recognize one from the book reading Neighbor Girl did a couple of months ago

If you happen to be in the area and around this weekend, Neighbor Girl would like us to invite you to join the fun. Stanley and I snuck into a rehearsal one evening. While I was not a fan of the cat character (I think she is giving us feline's a bad name), I must say, these kids are talented and are a ton of fun to watch.  Below are the details. Have a wonderful weekend. 

10:30AM brunch with 
select cast members 
prior to the 12PM show.

Details may be found at:

The talented cast of Honk, Jr.
Neighbor Girl with her Honk, Jr. friends.

Thank you for reading and sharing,

Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Hug a Hamster

Neighbor Girl read the story, I Love to Cuddle, to her hamster, Snuffles, today. 

We will post more about this book in our Kid Lit Blog Hop Post.

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