Friday, August 23, 2013

The Squishy Lady Makes Our Day: Skype Session Review

We have been blessed to meet some wonderful people on our writing journey. It is hard to believe that one year ago, our paws had never considered the idea of writing a book. Not only that, to think that one year ago, some of the wonderful people that we have met through the independent publishing experience were not yet a part of our lives is almost unreal.

Having the chance to meet, via Skype, a couple of the people who have become our biggest supporters has been one of the coolest things we have experienced to date. Then to have one take the time to write such kind and beautiful words about the experience, well, leaves us a bit speechless.

Even I, Katrina, am speechless.

Thanks "Squishy Lady" for your amazing support. Read what she had to say about our Skype session here. 


As always, thank you for reading and sharing,

Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge ( & Stanley, too!)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Have you registered for International Dot Day?

We have and we invite you to join us!

Rather than wait until Dot Day (September 15, 2013) to make just one post, we thought it would be a nice idea to do an early post to give our readers who may not be aware of this event, a chance to join in on the fun.

We are huge fans of anything that encourages creativity and that is what this day is all about.

Read Peter H. Reynolds’ formal invitation to participate in International Dot Day here. Need a poster to mark the occasion? Find them here. Celebrating on a different day? No worries, Mr. Reynolds made posters for different dates to cover the closest school days to the event.

Speaking of posters, one of Neighbor Girl’s favorite posters in her room is a mini-poster designed by Mr. Reynolds for the book Guyku Haiku. You can take a look at this super fun and highly appropriate (per Neighbor Girl) mini-poster by visiting the original post. Scroll down to find a picture of the haiku mini-poster.  If you are lucky, it will still be downloadable - my paws are crossed for you.

How will we be celebrating Dot Day?
Cool Mom requested the book, the Dot,  from the library for us and we signed up to receive the Educator’s Handbook - filled with ideas. Truly, it IS filled with ideas. Since we are aware that Neighbor Girl will be super busy with her new school projects shortly, we decided to get a head start on our dots. We’ll post a picture of  the finished product on September 15th but below is a picture of the start of her creation. Her chosen medium was fabric! Stanley and I will be placing our paw prints on our own dots.

Update 8/30: Okay, seriously, how kind is Peter H. Reynolds - look what we received in twitterland. If you are on twitter, be sure to follow him! 
Finally, the question...will you join us in celebrating International Dot Day?


As always, thank you for reading and sharing,

Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge ( & Stanley, too!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday Writing Prompt: Do you have my lunch?

Poem? Story? Haiku? Question? What does this picture bring to your mind? 
Write it below in the comments and have an amazing day! 

A special thanks to Snuffles, the hamster, for assisting us with our writing prompts. 

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom & Knowledge
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