Monday, January 6, 2014

This is how Squishy Lady Surprised us

...she announced her 2013 Best of Books, Homeschooling list and put our book on her list!

 Holy Meow! Our book is now on two "Best of" lists for 2013 by two fantastic human bloggers. I am typing this post with GUSTO! My paws are dancing, and I can barely control them. Stanley's tail is wagging like crazy and he is even dancing around the house. We will celebrate with extra treats. Where is our owner? Owner, we need treats!

 Anyway, Squishable Baby's list is of books that she reviewed on her blog in 2013 that also enhanced her homeschoolingBe sure to check out all of the great books and the details on each one! If you haven't read our book yet, what are you waiting for?

 Did you know that if you purchase the print copy of our book on Amazon, you get the kindle copy for free? It is true! Oh, and no, you don't need a Kindle to view the Kindle book - Neighbor Girl reads hers on an iPad and it works great. All you need is the Kindle app.

 Don't forget that we also have a free printable activity book of activities to go along with our book!

 Squishable Baby was the very first blogger to reach out to us and ask to review our book. Since that time, she has provided us with a DELUGE of support for our book. Support that these pets appreciate immensely. 

Squishable Baby does it all. She makes super comfy and environmentally friendly clothing for the wee ones and she blogs like crazy. Blogging about homeschooling, giveaways, book reviews, motherhood, crafts and the list goes on. Please stop on over at Squishable Baby's website. Read all of her book recommendations, follow her blog and be sure to tell her how brilliant she is for placing our book on her list. :) 
Thank you for reading and sharing,

Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom & Knowledge 

(and Stanley)