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AUTHORS: Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Book's Reach. A blogger reviewed your book? These are your next steps...

This post makes a few assumptions.
  • You understand the importance of book blogger reviews.
  • You have had at least one book blogger legitimately review your book. We are NOT talking about paying for a review.
  • The book blogger has contacted you to let you know your book was reviewed.
  • The review is a positive one* because, after all, you have written a masterpiece.

Now that your book has been reviewed by a book blogger, what is the best way to increase your book's reach? 

5 Things to do when your book is reviewed by a book blogger
1) Thank The Blogger Publicly Via a Comment on the Book Review Post. This is common courtesy. The blogger has read your book at least once (sometimes multiple times); spent a fair amount of time drafting a thoughtful review; possibly researched you online to find social media links for you; edited their own post, and promoted the post. Did they post the review on Amazon and Goodreads, also? If so, they are a five-star awesome book reviewer - appreciate them!

2) Subscribe to the Comments on the Book Review Post.  When you are posting that expected "Thank You" comment, hopefully you will be able to click a little box that says "subscribe to comments." CLICK IT! JUST DO IT! CLICK IT!  Through that simple click, you will be notified when others comment on the post. Respond to those comments. They read the review of YOUR book, and they commented. Thank them at the very least. 

3) Share the book review.  Are you on social media? You should be! Share the book review on your social media outlets with a link to the reviewer's profile for that social media site. It may take you an extra minute or two to find it but doing this will notify the reviewer that you took the time to share their post. They more than likely will re-share and comment, too! 

4) SCHEDULE Repeat Posts of Your Review Periodically - You will gain new followers on your social media outlets as the days roll on. Those new followers will not have seen your earlier shared posts - don't forget to include the reviewer's profile in your extra shares.

5) Keep Tabs on the Book Reviewer - Did you find a reviewer that absolutely loved your book, or even liked it a little? Find the best way for you (email, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,  etc.)  to keep an eye on what they are doing. Share their content that may be of interest to your fans.
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Don't take my word for it, below is what some book reviewing friends have to say. 

How do you feel when an author takes the time to share a review of yours (via any social media), or comments on your bog? 


“I think if an author is happy with a review they should 100% share it. As a rule, bloggers are not compensated for their book reviews, they take A LOT of TIME and work. Reading the book, putting in photos, trailers, giving a thoughtful review. Sharing should be a given. I have done few reviews where I was negative (but I have been)......but for a good review it should 150,000% be shared and YOU happen to be one of the BEST at doing this!”

“I love it! Its happened once or twice before and every time, it feels very special. It is a kind of a recognition for all the work and time that I put in to write the review post. I don't do this for money and don't expect to. So a note of thanks or a word about my review feels like acknowledgement and reward.
Other than that, it feels SO good to actually hear back from the talented authors. Suddenly it really just starts to feel like a community and a bond starts to develop. That is indeed priceless :)”

"I am so chuffed when another author stops by to my blog.  I feel so honoured they have taken the time.  If they leave a review on Amazon that is even more impressive, as I feel I have reached them not just as an author, but as a reader."

"I must admit that I expect authors to comment on my reviews.  I'm more surprised when an author doesn't. It takes minutes to read a review and leave a comment and quick thank you.  If I have to read and review a middle grade book, it will take me hours to read through and take careful notes.  Afterwards, it will take me between 1 and 2 hours to create a post, write a review, post the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and share it via my social networks.  It is common courtesy to thank someone for what can add up to be many, many hours of their time.

So, to answer your question, the words I would use to describe how I feel when someone leaves a comment on a review or takes it a step further to send me a personal email to thank me is ... RESPECTED and APPRECIATED."

"I'm always pleased to see the author comment on a tour post - and especially if they are responding to my commenters' comments.  I mean, why tour if you don't meet your public? And it's always cool to see your review reblogged or quoted (hopefully in a good way!)"

"I personally LOVE IT and it does make me feel appreciated. But I also put some of the responsibility back on myself to be sure and alert the author the day their review goes live AND state the obvious "Please be sure and comment and share via your own social media channels."  If the author still doesn't follow through, then I might think twice before reviewing another title for them."

"It means altogether too much to me when an author comments on my blog or shares a review I've written! I walk around the house for a couple of days like I'm still in high school and just got asked out by the guy I've had a crush on for three months! It's actually a little ridiculous and my husband usually spends those two or three days laughing at my goofy grin."

"It's always nice when an author takes time to respond to a review I've written, or shares that review.  It takes time to read the books, and while I love letting others know what I think of the books I read and review, it's also nice to know that the effort is appreciated."

Great Examples...

The Stanley & Katrina Gang has jumped for Joy to have Peter H. Reynolds, Chris Grabenstein & Matt Phelan tweet about posts we have created. These authors/illustrators have gained the pets' appreciation and when we are short on content for Twitter, guess where we go to look for content to ReTweet? Folks, these are major Authors/Illustrators by the way, and they took the extra time to reach out. 

Here are a handful of additional authors/creative individuals who are great at building a community around their books / events by reaching out to others: Julie Anne Grasso, Jemima Pett, Lovable Lobo, This Kid Erik, & Paul R. Hewett. A special shout out to Terry Shay , who launched International Dot Day. He is the ultimate cheerleader for authors and illustrators and is fantastic at connecting people together. 

*What about a Negative Review?

There are a ton of posts on the web about this subject. Here two of my favorites:
  1. Why I'm Excited That My Book Finally Got Bad Reviews   
  2. Noblemania: Children's authors read reviews of their own books
Honestly, I still think the reviewer deserves a thank you. The majority of serious reviewers, do not enjoy posting negative reviews. Negative reviews may take even more time.  The book was most likely read, re-read and certain sections read again. Some reviewers even lose sleep when they do not like a book. Thank them for reading your book and for their honest opinion. Hopefully, they found something they liked about your book - if so, focus on that. Remember, it is impossible to write a book that EVERYONE will love. That is what makes this world such an interesting place. Need a reminder? Watch all of those videos in #2 above - again, and again! 

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