Monday, May 19, 2014

Word of the Week: Is it possible to galvanize Stanley into using good manners?

Word of the Week  for May 19, 2014

Yippee, it is Word of the Week time.

You may listen to the live official WOW announcement broadcast each Monday at 7:20AM on WEEU 830AM from "The voice of Berks County and Beyond." 

Links to broadcasts may be found on the Muhlenberg School District website. Click here to go there

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Now tell us, how will you use the word GALVANIZE this week? Have you seen it used anywhere? Is your school using these words? What fun activities do you have for the word? I want to know and so do my friends - please share your creations and let us know if you are using our printables - that makes us happy!  

If you and/or your family completes an activity, we would love to see a picture of it, or hear all about it. You may do this in the comments below; on our Facebook page; on Twitter (use the hashtag #kidlitwow); pinterest; Google+ - truly, anywhere you want to tell the world with gusto!

It is Word of the Week time! Will Katrina GALVANIZE Stanley to use manners? ” 

★★ We need a couple more video guests for the remainder of the school year! ★★

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