Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ESCAPE! The Story of The Great Houdini, Book Thoughts & Meet Our Author on Saturday

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Our Big News Items:

  • Neighbor Girl has a book signing on Saturday.
  • There will be a new The Write Chat episode on Friday.
  • We share our thoughts about a biographical book about Houdini.
Kid Lit Blog Hop

Book Signing

Our author, Felicia, will be signing books this Saturday from 12-4PM at the Learning Express Toys of Wyomissing store. Both of our books will be available for purchase as well. There is a fun Mad Scientist event at 11AM, also, that Felicia will be joining. Be sure to pre-register for that! We hope to see our local friends, there.

The Write Chat

This Friday is the next episode of The Write Chat with guest Michelle Isenhoff.

Book Thoughts

Title: Escape! The Story 
of the Great Houdini
Author: Sid Fleischman
Year Published: 2007 Audio Bookshelf
Audiobook - Available in Print
Age Level: 8-12
Summary (from back cover): Harry Houdini, born Ehrich Weiss, never did anything by half measure Once he decided to become a magician, he became the King of Cards, the Prince of Air, the Genius of Escape and Prof. H. Houdini. And why not? He could walk through walls, defeat any lock, make elephants disappear with the snap of his fingers an dpick up needles with his eyelids! Or could he...?

Our Thoughts
With a long car ride to contend with this past weekend, we (Neighbor Girl & Cool Mom) decided to make a run to the library to see what audio books were available. 

Wow. Truly, we enjoyed this audio book from start to finish.

Mr. Fleishman spell-binds the listener/reader with a detailed biography on the performer extraordinaire even without revealing tremendous secrets. Harry Houdini was a showman with an incredible work-ethic and the ability to make the most of his experiences. Neighbor Girl and I decided he was a genius in marketing.

Houdini was an avid reader and traveled with a bookcase wherever he went. We adored that the story of how he gave Buster Keaton his name was in the book. We know this story from Matt Phelan's book, Bluffton,

If someone wanted to study Vaudeville, and the beginning of movies...this book along with Bluffton would be a great starter combination.

The reader of the audio book, Taylor Mali, is easy to listen to, and Mr. Fleishman reads the preface and the conclusion of the book with a passion that draws the listener into the story. His personal connection with Houdini's widow, when he was a young teenager; and his love and understanding of magic, brings a charm to the biography that might not otherwise exist.

I would write more about this book, but I'm off to find some Houdini videos.

Thank you for reading and sharing,

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