Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The event you do not want to miss in Wilmington, DE!

Three Brothers, Two Films, One Party -- Film Festival Bound Filmmakers to Hold Film Premiere at Theater N in Delaware

Seriously. Get your tickets now. Go ahead. Don’t wait. Do it! Why? Well, award-winning filmmakers Kurtis, Kris and Nik Theorin will premiere two short films, Alien Communications and GUMBALL, on Sunday, November 2nd at the Theater N in Wilmington, DE from 2:00—4:00pm. 

These three brothers have won awards from the WHYY Youth Media Awards for the last four years in a row—four years!  They and their mother, photographer, Amy Theorin, are the creative force behind Something’s Awry ProductionsTheir release last year, Retreat, has been highly successful on the film festival circuit around the world, including a showing at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood this summer.
Okay, maybe you don’t want to take our word for it...we are silly pets after all, but take less than two minutes of your day and watch their contest submission (below) for last year’s Mega Video Contest. We have watched it many times, and it always makes us smile. Are you ready to join him in the cloud?
Actually, it is on Vimeo, not YouTube but we like our button: iPhone Vs Android from Something's Awry Productions on Vimeo.

Attend the premiere to be among the privileged attendees who will be able to screen both of  Something’s Awry’s newest short films prior to their submission in the upcoming film festivals. 

The November 2nd premiere will not only screen Alien Communications and GUMBALL but will also include a variety of local artists showcasing their work.  Our very own, Neighbor Girl (Felicia) will be in attendance — we are so proud of her. Joining Felicia will also be  artist Elizabeth Krovwho will be selling prints of fine art as well as Toastie Monsters’, and singer/songwriter Emma Cullen will be performing original songs from her latest EP.

Believe it or not, Felicia is most excited about the fact that they will have an actual red carpet and photo opportunities with the production team and actors! Come on, you know you want to jump on that red carpet. Admit it. 

For full details, including descriptions of the Alien Communications and GUMBALL, view the press release.

To order your  tickets (make sure you invite friends) for the Movie Premiere, click here.

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