Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where did you get your bookmarks? We'll tell you where we got ours.

First..."The Write Chat" has a new episode, today!

Before we get into the bookmarks...Erik & Felicia, co-hosts of The Write Chatrelease their third episode, today. They interview the talented author, Michelle Isenhoff. Head over there now to view their video. Yes, they have outtakes again, too!

Do you have bookmarks? 

Authors, what do you use as your card? Bookmarks are one way to go. You may include them with book purchases; give them out at events, and carry them with you everywhere. Why not? What is more perfect than a bookmark for an author? 

If you decide bookmarks are for you, you'll need to figure out where to order them from. 

Of course, there is the print-at-home option where you use a publishing program to create your bookmarks and then print them out on cardstock paper. 

Local Print Shop
This is a valid option, especially if you have a local print shop that you work with for other projects. Has this worked for you? 

Online Custom Printing
We went with online custom printing. Cool Mom did a ton of research a few years ago, when she needed bookmarks. She found that was priced the best for bookmarks. 

NextDayFlyers for Bookmarks
On Cool Mom's recommendation, we used NextDayFlyers. We chose their 2x6 14pt Cardstock style with color printing on both sides. NextDayFlyers currently has a free shipping offer that makes their prices amazing. If you aren't in a rush, NextDayFlyers, is a fantastic way to get bookmarks, as the price is extremely reasonable when you don't upgrade the "Printing Turnaround" options. If you are in a rush and need to expedite the turn-around time, they are still a fantastic bookmark printing solution.

We were able to order 1,000 bookmarks for under $55 and had them in our hands within a week's time. The quality is superb.

Don't Make it All About You
To make the price even more reasonable, Neighbor Girl and Erik of This Kid Reviews Books, went in on the bookmarks together. Erik's information is one one side, and Felicia's is on the other. 

Benefits of Shared Bookmarks/Promotional Materials
  • When one of you is at an event handing out bookmarks, you both are being promoted. 
  • Not comfortable promoting yourself? This is a great way to work your way into may focus on the "other side" of the bookmark and focus on promoting the other author. For example, "Oh, and by the way, my book's information is on the other side." 
  • Cost savings. 
We hope this information helps others. We are thrilled with NextDayFlyers and will be using them again. 

Thank you for reading and sharing,

Please note that we decided to not use the available affiliate program with NextDayFlyers for this post. We were not asked to review their service and received no compensation for this post. This post is our opinion and is based on our experience using's service.

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