Friday, March 28, 2014

Rick Riordan Will Reveal the Cover of 'The Staff of Serapis' This Thursday (4/3/2013) on HuffPostLive

Our dear Neighbor Girl will be on the program with Erik of This Kid Reviews Books!!!!

#NoSleepThisWeek due to #ExtremeExcitement

NOTE: Programming before and after the program may not be appropriate for all audiences. Kids, please check with your parents before clicking through. 

 Here is a flashback post of when we saw Rick Riordan on his House of Hades tour.

We are too excited to type anything else. Have a paw-riffic weekend!

A Link to the Program:

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Word of the Week (3/31): Stanley is the EPITOME of dogness.

Word of the Week  for Mar. 31, 2014

Cool Mom made a video this week for our word even though we told her not to do it. She did an okay job but we really miss our video guests. Thankfully, we do have some returning guests coming up in the next few weeks, yay!
You may listen to the live official WOW announcement broadcast each Monday at 7:20AM on WEEU 830AM from "The voice of Berks County and Beyond." 

Links to broadcasts may be found on the Muhlenberg School District website. Click here to go there


Are you ready for the free printables? Visit Kid Lit Printables to find these free printables:

View the EPITOME Word of the Week on YouTube.

Now tell us, how will you use the word EPITOME this week? Have you seen it used anywhere? Is your school using these words? What fun activities do you have for the word? I want to know and so do my friends - please share your creations and let us know if you are using our printables - that makes us happy!  

If you and/or your family completes an activity, we would love to see a picture of it, or hear all about it. You may do this in the comments below; on our Facebook page; on Twitter (use the hashtag #kidlitwow); pinterest; Google+ - truly, anywhere you want to tell the world with gusto!

"Stanley is the EPITOME of dogness."  (Click to Tweet:)

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogger Opp – Blogging Essentials Giveaway ARV $440 Hosted by Squishable Baby

Blogger Essentials #giveaway ARV $440 @picmonkey @inlinkz @passionfruitads @RebeccFlansburg Starts 4/13
Hosted by : The Squishable Baby

Notes from Us

Hi, Friend, 

    Cool Mom thought we should participate in this. We'll let her explain why. 

~Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge

That's right Katrina, I did recommend your participation in this event. Here are the reasons:

  1. It is hosted by wonder-blogger, Squishable Baby
  2. We use PicMonkey (one of the prizes) to create the images for this blog.  PicMonkey is one of only two blogging resources that we have deemed worth the subscription cost. Since most companies won't take payment via cat treats, we need to be picky about where we spend money. PicMonkey is a favorite of ours. 
  3. Inlinkz (one of the prizes) - While we do not use InLinkz often on this blog, we have used it successfully from time to time, and appreciate when other bloggers use it, allowing us to link up. 
  4. Rebecca Flansburg is one amazing blogger and virtual assistant. She is giving away a couple of great blogging ebooks in the prize pack. 
The rest speaks for itself. Take a read and consider joining us in the event.    Tell your friends about it, too: 

"#Blogger Opp - Join @StanleyNKatrina in the Blogging Essentials Giveaway Hosted by @SquishableBaby." (Click to Tweet:)

~Cool Mom

What is the Boost Your Blog in 100 Day Event?

Boost Your Blog in 100 Days (#BB100) was created by Something2Offer. This event consists of a number of mini-challenges on topics ranging from Grammar Mistakes Bloggers Make and Creating Original Content - to how to be a smart social media guru on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The overall goal of this event is to help everyone improve their blogging skills in a wide range of areas.

Welcome to the Blogging Essentials Giveaway Challenge!

The giveaway challenge runs from April 13-23, 2014. During that time I will offer a giveaway, and will post tips on improving your giveaways. For the giveaway, I have brought together a collection of phenomenal items which will give 1 blogger a professional start (or overhaul) to their blog. This prize package is worth $440 and is open worldwide! The Prize Package includes A blog design/redesign or SEO work-up by Amber Galore Designs, a 1-year subscription to Picmonkey so that you can make professional images, 1-year subscription to Inlinkz so that you can create blog hops, linky parties and giveaway hops, 1-hour Consultation with Amazing Success Academy which will help get your organized and on track, 1-year of free ad swaps from Passionfruit Ads, and two wonderful and helpful ebooks from Frantic Mommy (Creating Awesome Sharable Images with Picmonkey and Eliminate Overwhelm and get Organized with Trello).
Blogging Essentials Giveaway #grandprize ARV $440

Would You Like to Promote this Giveaway?

Here are the guidelines. 1. Grab the Blogger Opp HTML and post the announcement on your blog. Find the HTML here. 2. Sign-up for the giveaway and report the "blogger opp" post here. 3. Post the Giveaway on April 13th by 9 AM EST, and report your post by 12:00 PM EST on the on April 13th. The link for the report will be sent when I send you the email. 4. Promote the giveaway on Twitter AND Facebook 4 times per week. To pre-schedule your tweets and status updates, try Hootsuite. It's a free service! The Giveaway lasts a total of 10 days. 5. Keep all the links intact. The sponsors have already been no-followed. 6. All participating bloggers CAN enter the giveaway. 7. Other links can be purchased for $3 each or 2 links/$5.   Giveaways are a group effort and promotion is key. If you do not report, or promote, your links will be deleted.    
The Challenge - Who will be left standing at the end?
The Squishable Baby, the Bloggers participating in the Boost your Blog Challenge, or any other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize distribution.


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