Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Adventures in Book Reviewing (Video Review): The Krazy Kinzy Kapers by Eva Ridenhour

Kinzy's Second Book is Available!
Author: Eva Ridenhour
Year Published: 2014
Publisher: The Kinz Books
Pages: 73
Summary (Lulu): Kinzy is back, and this time, he is enjoying eucalyptus, supposedly terrible movies, dragons, fishing, and eating eucalyptus. Meet such Krazy friends as Stacy B. Burd, Mark W. Wumpbutt, Zummers L. Lamb, and, of course, the famous Master Jake.

Disclosure: We received a print copy of "The Krazy Kinzy Kapers" from the author. We were not asked to review the book publicly and we received no monetary or in-kind compensation for our  honest  review. This post does NOT contain affiliate links.

For some extra fun, we made a video that includes behind the scenes and bloopers from our video shoots. Enjoy!
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