Monday, January 5, 2015

Stanley & Katrina Highlights of 2014 & What to Expect Here in 2015

Happy 2015!

We thought it would be fun to review highlights from 2014 from our online playtime. We wouldn't be where we are now if we did not have your paw-riffic support. We are thankful for you and wish you the best for the year ahead.

Thanks for being a part of our online community. Now for our year in review by sharing our "top twos."

Note: We had fun testing out the new .gif creator on YouTube for this post. If you don't see the moving pics (.gifs) then be sure to view this post online.

Book Highlights

#1 We published our second book, The Observations of the Obstreperous Animals.  

#2 Our first book, The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets, won an award!


#1 Neighbor Girl (Felicia) and her friend, Erik of This Kid Reviews Books, had the opportunity to interview Rick Riordan on Huff Post Live. Felicia named this MOMENTOUS day the "Best Day Ever." 

#2  Felicia and her friend, Erik, successfully launched their interview show, The Write Chat, in September. 

Blog Milestones

#1 Our blog went over 100,000 page views. 
#2 We have posted over 300 times on our blog since we created it. 

Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2014

#2 The second most viewed video of ours from 2014 is a #flashback video (from 2011) of Neighbor Girl reviewing Judy Moody Goes to College.  

Most Viewed Word of the Week 
Videos for the 2013-2014 School Year

#2 Respite starring Rena Marthaler

Most Viewed Word of the Week 
Videos for the 2014-2015 School Year (so far)

#1 Analyze starring Lovable Lobo

#2 Sojourn starring Matt Phelan

Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2014

   We are radiant over the level of participation that has grown for the guest spots in our Word of the Week videos. Last year we had 12 guests in total. This year, we booked the ENTIRE school year in only a few months- 40 guests!! The deluge of guests does give Cool Mom a ton of work, and we appreciate her beneficent time creating and organizing our videos. Thanks, Cool Mom!

#2 Authors: Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Book's Reach  We aren't surprised this is one of our top posts of the year. Good stuff. 

Top Commenters of 2014
Thank you friends! 
You always make us smile and remind us that we aren't alone in the blogosphere.

Our Top Two Referring Sites of 2014
These are two paw-riffic sites that we often visit. If you don't already know them, take some time to check them out in 2015!

#1 Create with Joy
#2 Mother Daughter Book Reviews


We are giving this one a special shout-out as we are proud pets that we successfully launched and (due to your wonderful support), fully funded our Kickstarter Project. We gained funding for a professional book cover for our second book. Not only did we get a great book cover but we ALSO came out of the process with great new images for our website thanks to Cool Dad's illustrations and GloGirly Design's know-how. 

2015 Plans

Stanley and I have enjoyed our journey from the mind of our author, Felicia, to the pages of our books and our online presence. 

Our dear author, Felicia, has decided to focus on new interests for 2015. The Word of the Week videos, run primarily by Cool Mom, will be wrapped up in June and may or may not return in the 2015-2016 school year - time (and sponsorship) will tell. Felicia will continue to co-host The Write Chat as she enjoys that immensely. The goal is to slow down posts here as much as possible, although it may take a few months to notice the change. 

What to expect on our blog in the next six months:

  • Weekly Word of the Week posts through the end of the school year.
  • Posts letting you know when a The Write Chat episode is live.
  • Possibly a few book reviews that we have had in our queue for months.
  • A handful of other posts we have committed to doing, as well as sharing news about us and our author. 
Thank you for reading and sharing,

Katrina's Word of the Week.