Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsor a Word of the Week video.

Our Word of the Week guest spots are full for the 2014-2015 school year. However, we do have sponsor opportunities available for our videos. The best part of being a guest or sponsoring a Word of the Week video is that the video is added to our Word of the Week playlist for continual viewing - even past your sponsorship week(s).

You may sponsor an individual video for $40.
Sponsor two consecutive videos for $75 ($37.50 each video)
Sponsor three consecutive videos for  $90 ($30 each video)
Sponsor for four consecutive weeks $100 ($25 each video)
Want to sponsor for two months? $180 ($22.50 each video)

Please note: we will have no more than four sponsors on any given week.

We will consider a trade in services for sponsorship, but this is entirely up to Stanley & Katrina’s “boss" - no guarantees.


As of 11/30/2014

StanleyAndKatrina.com attracts an average of 6500 views per month.

Facebook (StanleyNKatrina) 1800 + Likers

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Pinterest (Stanley NKatrina) 180+ Followers

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What do you get when you sponsor a Word of the Week video?

   *Your logo will be in the sponsor area of the video with a link to your YouTube  channel. This will be on the video as long as the video is on YouTube. Click here to view a sample.

   *A link to your Website will be in the video’s description on YouTube. This will be in the video's description as long as the video is on YouTube.

   *An image thanking you and other sponsors for the week is included in the blog post for the specific word on StanleyAndKatrina.com . Your name will be after the image with a link to the website.  This will be on the blog post as long as Stanley & Katrina have a blog.

Sample image thanking sponsors.
      *Every Word of the Week video is promoted through social  media channels multiple times:  FacebookTwitter, (multiple), Pinterest, Google+ & Stanley & Katrina’s E-Newsletter - see recent blog posts at the bottom.

   *Every week, sponsors are thanked publicly on Twitter with links to their  account(s).  

Ready to support this literacy initiative? 

Click here to view the sign-up form - or use the form embedded below. 

Sponsorship funds will be used to support  Stanley & Katrina’s videos, website and social media tools. Funds in excess of our expenses will be used to promote the Word of the Week posts online and for supporting materials. It takes a great deal of time and energy to create the weekly videos.Thank you for supporting literacy!